Pharrell Williams Says His Triplets Harmonize Their Cries: ‘It’s No Joke’

Williams chatted with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night’s Tonight Show about how his life with wife Helen Lasichanh has become all kids all the time.The Grammy victor admitted during an appearance on the Today show that he never changes any of his infant triplets’ dirty diapers, instead leaving diaper duty all to his wife, Helen Lasichanh.”It’s a full-on assembly line”, he said, imitating changing and feeding each child. “Chain reaction is a real thing at our house”. “One cries, two cries, three cries”. He said: “I don’t know what I could do, but I know if women wanted to, they could save this nation”.The 44-year-old star did admit that they do have help with their brood, which also includes eight-year-old son Rocket Ayer. He spends so much time on ‘Minecraft, ‘ that we’re anxious.’My wife is SEAL team six. I mean, she carried those three bodies, and she’s just on it all the time.As if Pharrell Williams isn’t busy enough making music, he’s a father to six-month-old triplets! “And, we do have some incredible people that help us, but still … it’s serious!”Meanwhile, back on the Today show, Pharrell admitted he is enjoying learning the different personalities of the babies, whose names and sexes have not been revealed.Fallon pulled out to an early lead with correct guesses of A-Ha’s “Take on Me” and Oasis’ “Wonder Wall”, but Williams pulled even by guessing Simple Minds’ “Don’t You” and Johnny Kemp’s “Just Got Paid”.”Honestly, I have to work”, he explained.Despicable Me 3 hits theaters June 30.