Pringles Makes Instant Noodles Even Easier to Eat With Ramen-Flavored Chip

The Kellogg Company revealed that an upcoming Top Ramen Chicken version of Pringles is on the way for a limited time.The potato chip company partnered with Nissin to miraculously turn a bowl of Top Ramen Chicken flavored noodles into a stack of thin, crispy chips, and people are loving it.Pringles is offering a new limited-time flavor that might appeal to college students!The chip maker says the flavor will be available at Dollar General stores for around $1.50 a can.Anyway, as with most absurd food mashups, this one is only available in the United States for a limited time only. The going rate for Top Ramen Chicken Pringles? The cheap food powerhouses have teamed up to create Top Ramen Chicken Pringles, which is exactly what it sounds like.Ramen comes in many different flavors. In recent years, the curved chip purveyor has trotted out flavors like hot dog, ketchup and pumpkin pie spice.