Ragnarok trailer is everything you could want

The new trailer was debuted on Saturday alongside some other reveals from Marvel Studios. This week is San Diego Comic Con, and with it always comes a host of sneak-peaks and trailers for your favourite shows and movies.At some point, Hulk turns back into Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) for some witty banter about who’s tougher.Backstage, Hemsworth talked about reaction to Thor’s new short haircut, which he said has been pretty good so far, and explained why it was important in advancing the character.”Thor: Ragnarok” was directed by “What We Do in the Shadows” helmer, Taika Waititi, and produced by Kevin Feige. Reacting to Thor’s suggestion that they’re both the same hotheads at heart, Hulk remarks, “Hulk like fire, Thor like water”.This isn’t the first trailer released for “Thor: Ragnarok”, but Marvel fans will probably want to see all they can of their favorite heroes before their films hit the big-screen.Cate Blanchett (as goddess of war Hela) really suits being a baddie!Hela seems to be one of the toughest opponents Thor has ever faced.While Urban remained tight-lipped on whether or not Skurge is actually a secret ally of Thor’s, he did tease that his ultimate allegiance “is the dilemma” for his character in the movie. We’re talking laser guns, a live-action look at Surtur, a giant Fenrir wolf, and, perhaps most exciting, a talking Hulk. In fact, he refuses to revert back into Bruce Banner. And besides, seeing Thor and Hulk in space ready to go against Hela is definitely an interesting sight to behold.”Because he’s been the Hulk for two years now, he has the vocabulary of a two year old”. In previous films, Thor and Loki have never seen eye to eye and have been bitter enemies, however, this time around the brothers need to work together.