Russia Fires 6 Cruise Missiles on IS in Syria

Last Sunday, the IRGC fired six mid-range missiles from its bases in western Iran to target ISIS positions in eastern Syria.The ministry stressed that Russia’s advanced diesel-electric Krasnodar submarine carried out launches of cruise missiles while submerged.A USA military official said Washington would welcome a concerted effort by the Syrian government or its Iranian-backed partner forces to defeat the Islamic State group in its remaining strongholds in Syria.The Islamic State terrorist group is deploying militants to Syria’s Hama where they equip command posts and also depots of armaments and ammunition, Russia’s Defense Ministry said. The militants who survived the attack were later killed in airstrikes.Meanwhile, the likelihood that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed is close to 100 percent, Interfax news agency quoted the head of the defense committee in Russia’s upper parliamentary house as saying on Friday.That mosque, along with its famous leaning minaret, was destroyed on Wednesday night, blown up by Daesh militants as their control of Mosul increasingly is slipping away.According to the Russian MOD, the terrorists were attempting to leave Raqqa which is besieged by Kurdish militia of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the USA -led coalition forces and head towards Palmyra using a “southern corridor”. Washington has been seeking a bilateral agreement with Russian Federation on creating a zone in southwestern Syria, an area that borders USA allies Israel and Jordan.The remarks were the latest indication of an easing of tensions in the wake of last weekend’s US shootdown of a Syrian government jet as it dropped bombs on USA -backed forces in Syria.”If the developments in Syria pose a threat, if we’re faced with such an event, the whole world should know this: we’ll do there what we did during (Operation) Euphrates Shield”, Erdogan said, addressing Syrian refugees during a Ramadan fast-breaking dinner near the border with Syria.The Turkish and Israeli militaries were informed in advance, it added.Ibrahim Kalin, the spokesman, also said that a mechanism involving the United States and Jordan – two other important backers of the rebellion against Damascus – was being worked on for southern Syria including the Deraa region.