Schumer wants heroin enforcement team brought to NY

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer calls on the Drug Enforcement Agency to commit to providing New York State with one of four special heroin enforcement teams, at his Manhattan office on June 18, 2017.”New York’s rampant heroin epidemic proves we are in desperate need of one of the four special heroin enforcement teams being launched throughout the country”, Schumer said. Charles Schumer is calling for federal help in the fight against opioid addiction in NY.Each team would consist of more than 40 members dedicated to fighting heroin trafficking, and they would be sent to areas designated by the Drug Enforcement Agency. In making the case for New York, Schumer said in a written statement “the numbers speak for themselves”.Last year, overdose deaths across the city increased by 46 percent largely due to opioids, according to the city’s Department of Mental Health. That was double the rate two years earlier.Twenty-four counties in NY are designated as High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas by the DEA.The Drug Enforcement Administration has identified the city as a major distribution hub for heroin mills, with drugs smuggled through Kennedy Airport for sale across the Northeast.