Spider-Man animated show: new clip retells origin story

Between the success the company has achieved with its Star Wars and current Marvel universe character helmets, it’s no surprise that HJC has opted to keep the superhero helmet train chugging along with the new Spider-Man Homecoming CS R3, and Iron Man RPHA 70ST helmets.But that might not have been as true as we suspected.Portrayed with agile glee by young English actor Tom Holland, Spider-Man Homecoming will see a young Spidey as we’ve never seen him on-screen before. The original comics had Peter Parker bitten by a spider exposed to radiation in a science fair.”No”, Feige promptly responded when asked if Spider-Man will appear in “Venom”.ET was at the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere, when Tom Holland’s adorable little brother crashed our red carpet interview.The Spider-Man deal could and likely will work out for both sides, but it’s interesting to learn that at least for this summer, the company whose bottom line will benefit from it the most is Sony, not Disney. If anything, it makes clear that this is a new Spider-Man story and universe, rather than being based in one of the myriad other Spider-Man-related projects that have been floating around lately.The duo have also been talking about where the Spider-Man sequel fits into the MCU timeline. “I’m not, and we can say that clearly and easily – and there’s still people who will hate that fact”.”I made Tom do nearly all of his stunts because he’s so good in the suit”, Homecoming director Jon Watts tells TimeOut. That kind of feels like a “Spider-Man” director to me. Adrian is very much a “bad guy”, but Keaton makes him all the more compelling and interesting a baddie to watch through his performance.Ahead, Holland talks everything Spider-Man. I know everything about Spider-Man now. “And I’m starting to panic, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, you’re Robert Downey Jr.’ And I’m looking him in the face, thinking there’s something different about you in person (and asking), ‘Did they do something to your face on camera, you don’t look the same, ‘” he recalled. “It’s something I’d like to revisit but whether we do, that’s a question for the creators”. “You can’t relate to being frozen in ice after World War II and waking up in NY or being a billionaire who flies around in an iron suit, but you can relate to going to high school because everyone did it”. “I had a lot of fun”, he said.