Suspect killed in deputy-involved shooting in Palmdale, authorities say

A man shot by sheriff’s deputies early Thursday in Palmdale has died.The deputy who was bitten by the dog was also struck by a ricocheting bullet and was taken to a hospital for treatment, Bergner said. The dog charged at deputies outside the apartment complex in the 38000 block of 10th Street East in the high desert community north of Los Angeles, authorities said.Officials responded to a noise disturbance at around 3:40 a.m. after someone complained about a loud party. The deputies were forced to open fire on it. As they were conducting an investigation, one of the deputies was allegedly bitten by a pit bull.After the 65-pound dog bit a deputy on the knee, the boy took him behind the carport area.”He may have been struck by one of the skip rounds in what we’re calling an extremely, extremely unfortunate incident”, Bergner said. Two deputies shot at the animal “while the pet owner simultaneously tried to jump onto the dog to stop it from attacking deputy personnel”, a sheriff’s statement said.The dog retreated to the rear of the complex, where deputies found the boy suffering from a gunshot wound to the upper body. He was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. When this happened, two deputies fired at the pitbull and the teenager was struck in the chest as he tried to pull the dog away.