The Carmichael Show: Cancelled by NBC; No Season Four

‘Now, I’m excited to go make other things that I love’.A joint statement from 20th Century Fox Television presidents Jonnie Davis and Howard Kurtzman praised the show’s socially conscious approach. “Thank you to every person who worked on or watched the Carmichael show”. “This show was special, and we will miss it”. According to THR, NBC is focusing more on shows produced in-house, which may have something to do with the hard negotiations for the series which is produced by 20th Century Fox TV. Further complicating the matter was the fact that The Carmichael Show is owned by 20th Century Fox Television, with NBC having to pay a license fee for the series.It’s the end of the road for The Carmichael Show.Meanwhile, “The Carmichael Show” also made headlines this month after NBC chose to postpone the release of the show’s mass shooting-focused installment. Season 3 is now still airing, having premiered on May 31, and just last week the dramedy showed the mass shooting episode it had held for two weeks.Executive producers on The Carmichael Show include Jerrod Carmichael, Nick Stoller, Ravi Nandan and Danielle Sanchez-Witzel.Jerrod (Jerrod Carmichael) and Maxine (Amber Stevens West) are a couple on NBC’s “The Carmichael Show“.”The Carmichael Show” started with six episodes in Season 1, which aired in 2015, then returned with 13 episodes in Season 2, and 13 more ordered for Season 3. The third season premiered on May 31st, more than a year the season two finale.Earlier this month, Carmichael was very vocal about his disapproval of NBC when the network pulled the show’s mass shooting episode in the wake of the Republican congressman getting shot.Last week, The Carmichael Show tackled the N-word and whether white people can say it on the heels of the controversy surrounding comedian Bill Maher’s use of the word on his HBO show. The episode was originally scheduled to air on the network on June 14, but was pushed back to June 28.While The Carmichael Show was NBC’s longest-running comedy now on the air, it also marked one of the network’s few multicam offerings.