The song that begat ‘Baby Driver,’ a quasi-musical on wheels

Ansel Elgort can do everything.Now that Edgar Wright’s next film, Baby Driver, is headed to the cinemas, he’s on the promotional tour and naturally, the question of his exit from Ant-Man is up for discussion – especially in light of what’s happening with Han Solo.He has enthralled audiences with roles in The Fault in Our Stars and the Divergent trilogy, but those who also know #AnselElgort as his musical alter ego, DJ #Ansolo, would agree that his role in Baby Driver was tailor-made for him. Baby gets to the point where he has squared the debt with Doc, and he wants to run away and forge a relationship with Debora (Lily James), a waitress that he’s sweet on.Ansel Elgort plays Baby, a master getaway driver whose hearing was damaged in a childhood accident.Everyone in Elgort’s accomplished family has a high-profile arts career – his father, for example, is famed fashion photographer Arthur Elgort – so celebrity is familiar, apparently neither carrot nor stick. I make music in my trailer. “So it’s kind of a dream to do ‘Baby Driver‘”.For each elaborate heist, Baby’s handler Doc (Kevin Spacey) assembles a different team of experts.”That’s when we did the stunt with the vehicle that drove up the wall. These guys are as passionate about auto stunts as Edgar is about directing, or as we are about acting”.”I thought the script was not only the best script that Marvel had ever had, but the most Marvel script I’d read”. And I did the one where I drift around the twins when I steal their auto, so – anything that started slowly and had only me in the vehicle.”Because most films that shoot in Atlanta, hardly any of them set them in Atlanta”. “Music has become a thing that I can stay creative with. I’m an athlete and I love playing basketball, and a lot of basketball is running and jumping, and I was pretty good at that”.Director Edgar Wright, known for hilarious Simon Pegg collaborations including “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz”, enters Danny Boyle and Guy Ritchie territory, with a dose of Ben Wheatley (the warehouse shootout is pure “Free Fire”), while managing to avoid the overt violence and gore of Tarantino.”I think I’ve been really inspired by other directors who sort of double down on their own style or persistence of vision”, Wright says. I have to walk to music.”And that song made its way into the movie”.Wright has every reason to feel upbeat.”I had tinnitus as a kid of 7 or 8, and it was very painful”. I just loved musical theatre.”I loved Gino’s for dinner”.”I honestly wanted to stand my ground to show what I could do”, says Gonzalez, who will star in Robert Rodriguez’s “Alita: Battle Angel”, due for release next summer. “You’re going to go to the School of American Ballet.’ And I’d never danced ballet before, but they take the kids really young and even if you’d never danced before, they train you”. “When Jamie shot, then I knew someone else was going to shoot and then I was there, but you had to have the beat”. I listened to “Bellbottoms” all the time. I think that’s where the passion for musical theatre comes from. “I really enjoyed that part”.