This 5-Months Pregnant Olympic Runner Is a Real-Life Wonder Woman

Montano, whose child is due in November, seemed to cherish the occasion as she was pictured finishing the race at the Hornet Stadium with a huge grin on her face while wearing a Wonder Woman top and a trademark flower in her hair.Alysia Montano may call herself “that pregnant runner” in her Twitter bio, but that’s because she’s limited to 140 characters.In 2014, Montano also raced while eight months pregnant a the USATF Outdoor Championships.The 2-time American Record holder who is 5-months pregnant ran the 800m race with her bulging baby bump.”I don’t define myself as a runner”, Montano added.Montano’s decision to run while pregnant was one she made with her doctor’s blessing, not that that necessarily stopped some people from sharing their unsolicited opinions.”I think a career is so open”, she said, expressing her desire to keep finding new paths toward happiness.Last year, Montano made headlines after she stumbled and fell during the Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon. “When I found out (star Gal Gadot) filmed half the movie five months pregnant, I said, ‘I for sure am signing up for US nationals'”. “I represent pregnant women”, Montano told media.As fans of Wonder Woman may already be aware, Gal Gadot revealed she and Maya went to work together for months, referring to the fact that she was expecting when she filmed Wonder Woman. “That’s not the point at all”, she said.