Tidal, Kanye West and the State of Affairs in Music

Tidal also recently sent a letter to Kanye threatening to sue if he signed an exclusive agreement with one of its rival services.Neither West nor JAY-Z have publicly commented on the situation.The long-time Jay Z collaborator has this week terminated his exclusive contract with Tidal, suggesting that his music is no longer exclusive to the service.In January 2015, JAY-Z made a $56 million offer for the Swedish technology company Aspiro and its WiMP streaming service.There’s no clear indication of what will happen to Kanye’s current tracks on Tidal, but it’s safe to say this probably isn’t the last we hear of the brewing Jay Z/Kanye West feud.When it comes to describing the emerging music streaming industry, a more apt saying might be “less money, mo problems”. What the split means for fans is no more Kanye Tidal exclusives, as all of his future music releases will become available elsewhere.Then Sprint stepped in, and bought up 33 percent of Tidal’s ownership.On Jay’s new release, however, the song “Kill Jay Z” points to a schism between the two MCs with lyrics that make mention of Kanye receiving a supposed $20 million advance for 2016’s Saint Pablo tour presumably from Jay Z’s Roc Nation which he seemed to imply was undeserved.”You gave him 20 million without thinkin’ /He gave you 20 minutes on stage, f-k was he thinkin’?”