Toy Story writer calls this theory about Andy’s dad ‘fake news’

The story is told from the perspective of Andy’s toys, and for most the films, Andy is just a little kid.The now-debunked report used Mike Mozart, a toy product designer and consultant for the first Toy Story movie, as the revealing source of a detailed backstory depicting the childhood, life, and death of Andy, Sr.However, there were always questions – especially when it came to Andy’s dad.Who was the Pixar insider that eliminated the questionable credibility of this now-viral, yet false report about Andy’s dad?The Toy Story franchise has delivered a fair number of emotional gut punches over its silver screen run. So he wrote a letter asking the company to please send him the doll anyway… and since he was the only child who was interested in Woody after the launching of Sputnik made outer space stories more popular than cowboys, they sent him the one-of-a-kind prototype. On Saturday night, the Oscar nominee took to Twitter to debunk the insanely complicated and devastating origin story initially described by artist Mike Mozart, who claimed that Pixar writer Joe Ranft (who died in 2005) revealed the theory to him years ago, and YouTuber Jonathan Carlin.Decades later, he got married and had Andy. Woody was Andy Sr.’s prized possession when he was child in the ’50s, before he was stricken by polio.That is, except for Woody, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head, because Andy Sr. crawled out of his bed (without the use of his legs) to save them from being burned, and hid them in a box. They moved into Andy’s grandparents’ house to survive, which means the child pictures on the walls were actually of Andy’s dad (makes sense, since he’s wearing glasses).Then, you’ve got their final moment, which rivals the first 10 minutes of Up for heartbreaking sadness. By the time Andy Jr. returned with the chest, his father had already died.At the funeral, Andy opens the chest and finds the three toys.Woody, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head wake up from their slumber, see Andy Jr., and believe he’s the kid they grew up with all those years ago. Millions of adults, children and inanimate objects sobbed many a tear during THAT Toy Story 3 scene, so really all the cards are on the emotional wreck table. “I promise I’ll come back for’ve got to sleep for a long time, like the longest deepest sleep you’ve ever had.I love you very much'”.