Travel ban challengers urge US top court to reject Trump appeal

A new poll found that a majority of Americans believe that protecting the U.S. from security threats is the driving reason for the implementation of President Donald Trump’s travel ban.The travel ban aims to stop people from six Muslim-majority countries from coming to the USA, based on what the White House says are security concerns.Watson’s move comes after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld his injunction, but noted portions that blocked the administration from reviewing vetting procedures were too broad, according to the website. Under Watson’s amended order, Trump cabinet members can continue to review the procedures of other countries in regard to their vetting of visas and can continue to study the internal mechanisms of the US government’s processes.Views of Trump’s order are split among partisan lines, with 41 percent of Democrats thinking national security is behind the travel ban and 87 percent of Republicans agreeing.The appeals court ruled that the injunction was “not narrowly tailored to addressing only the harms alleged”. Judge Watson on Monday ordered the injunction to be revised consistent with the 9th Circuit opinion. Per his new order, State and DHS may begin those reviews, provided they “do not burden individuals outside of the executive branch of the federal government”.”T$3 he Government grounded its (unsuccessful) defense of the Order on one key rationale: The travel and refugee bans are allegedly necessary stopgap measures while the Administration conducts a review and upgrade of existing vetting procedures”. The justices could announce as soon as Thursday whether they will review lower court rulings barring the order’s enforcement.