Trump will visit France in the Bastille Day

Footage of a handshake between US President Donald Trump and French counterpart Emmanuel Macron ahead of a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit.US President Donald Trump has accepted French President Emmanuel Macron’s invitation to attend Bastille Day ceremonies in Paris on July 14, a senior White House official said on Wednesday.The leaders will discuss counterterrorism cooperation and economic partnership among “many other issues of mutual concern” during the visit, Spicer said.With all that history, getting Mr. Trump to fly to Paris for Bastille Day might have seemed a long shot.The attack was claimed by Daesh.While Macron has been spared some of the public criticism Trump has poured on European leaders such as Germany’s Angela Merkel, the two have had some sparring from a distance.The trip to Paris also represents an about turn for Trump, who has sometimes denigrated the French capital and French government’s policies on Muslim immigration following a series of terror attacks. French President Macron strongly criticized President Trump’s move on climate change accord. The US military will this year march with French forces.The Pentagon earlier in the week warned that U.S. intelligence had noticed suspect activity at the launch site of the regime’s apparent chemical strike in April.Days after that strike on a rebel-held town, the USA launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on the airfield in retaliation – the first direct United States attack on the Syrian regime. In widely circulated remarks, Macron concluded by saying in English: “Make our planet great again”. “You can see that the way Trump’s headed isn’t going to help things and I think diplomatic channels are the best way to calm things down”, said antique dealer Florence Toussaint.