Turkey summons United States ambassador over arrest warrants for President’s bodyguards

The Metropolitan Police Department said in a brief statement that Sinan Narin had been arrested in Virginia on an aggravated assault charge.Media reported that law enforcement officials plan to announce charges on June 15 against a dozen members of the Turkish president’s security detail.”If they attempt to enter the USA, they will be arrested”, DC Police Chief Peter Newsham warned at a news conference Thursday morning, calling the attack “extreme in nature”.Turkey on Thursday summoned U.S. Ambassador in Ankara, John Bass, to the Foreign Office on after American authorities issued arrest warrants for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s bodyguards. Prosecutors told the judge Yildirim had been arrested twice in the late 90s on simple assault charges, but the charges were later dismissed.He said the U.S. State Department would handle any further action regarding execution of the arrest warrants.Whether or not the Turkish citizens, who were all either Turkish security officers or Turkish police officers, will ever actually face charges in the USA remains to be seen.Now D.C. officials have issued warrants on assault charges.A Washington police spokesman described the assault as a “brutal attack on a peaceful protest” that left 11 people were hurt, nine of them badly enough to receive hospital treatment.Authorities said they identified the suspects by comparing video of the melee to passport and visa images, using facial recognition techniques.During a speech Erdogan gave at the Brookings Institute on March 31, 2016, several D.C. journalists said they witnessed the Turkish president’s bodyguards assault protesters. -Turkish relations. A video posted online showed men in dark suits chasing protesters and punching and kicking them as Washington police struggled to intervene. Nine people were hospitalized. Two people were arrested that day, and two more were apprehended by U.S. Marshals yesterday.Turkey’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday rejected U.S. accusations against bodyguards of the Turkish president and blamed clashes outside the nation’s embassy in Washington on lack of security.However, it was unclear whether the Turkish guards would face immediate legal repercussions as a result of the USA charges because they returned to Turkey with Erdogan after his visit. It has blamed the violence on demonstrators linked to the outlawed Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), which Turkey and the US consider a terrorist group.Two U.S. citizens and two Canadian citizens have also been charged in the incident.