Usain Bolt to run 100m and 4x100m at World Championships

Bolt said he was over his early season setbacks and running into form at the right time to sign off his career with two more gold medals in London. “I want to retire on a winning note”, Bolt said on Wednesday.Van Niekerk is tipped to dominate the 200 metres in the future, but Bolt said the 25-year-old had arrived on the scene too late to forge a rivalry.”I think one of the most disappointing things in my career is that he (Van Niekerk) came along at this late stage and I didn’t get to compete against him because I think he’s one of the best, hands down, right now”.He added, “I’m never afraid, I live for competition”.He added: “I find it incredibly hard to even come close to what Bolt has represented with his charismatic ways, and so on, but at the end of the day, you just need to be you”.”But I’m never anxious about any one athlete because I know what I’m capable of”.The Jamaican raced for the final time on home soil last month, clocking 10.03 seconds to win the “Salute a Legend” 100m.”I’m feeling good, the season started off slow for me”.”I’ve been a little behind schedule, but I am training well”.”I’ll try my best to stay as close as possible to sport, stay in sports, and try to educate young athletes coming up on what it’s all about to be a champion”.”I asked [him] because I was surprised when I heard he retired”.He said: “I don’t believe in unbeatable anymore, I am just going to go out there and do me”.”I never back down from a challenge”, said Bolt, who was set to line up against South African record holder Akani Simbine in the short dash in Monaco. “I just need to have the right race, right conditions and the flawless moment and I am sure it will happen”.