Victim in Roman Polanski Rape Case Asks Judge to Dismiss Case

Roman Polanski’s statutory rape victim asked a Los Angeles judge to end his 40-year-old sex case Friday – and Polanski’s sister-in-law Debra Tate said she hopes the court listens.Geimer, who was 13 at the time, has long supported Polanski’s bid to end the case, but has never appeared on his behalf in court. Geimer made an impassioned argument that if the case was dropped, she could finally have freedom from it and being at the center of what was arguably one of the most controversial trials ever involving people in the movie industry.Agreeing that Samantha Geimer and her loved ones deserve the closure provided in the successful resolution of the case, Judge Scott Gordon added that Roman Polanski holds the key to bringing her peace by finally surrendering himself to USA authorities.The hearing Friday is an effort by Braun to get the court to unseal testimony by the now-retired prosecutor in the case, who is believed to have testified in a closed session about backroom sentencing discussions.Polanski has been fighting for years to end the case and lift an worldwide arrest warrant that confined him to his native France, Switzerland and Poland, where he fled the Holocaust.Geimer also ripped a previous DA who accused her of being out to get money from Polanski, and questioned her integrity.In April, Gordon rejected Polanski’s latest effort to be tried in absentia, ruling that Polanski must first return to the USA and submit to the court’s jurisdiction before the case can be resolved.Film director Roman Polanski attends the “Based On A True Story” photocall during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival in May.Polanski’s attorney, Harland Braun, asked the judge to dismiss the case in the interests of justice, saying his 83-year-old client has accepted responsibility for his actions and had a “reasonable fear of our system”.But Deputy District Attorney Michele Hanisee rejected the victim’s motion to dismiss the case, arguing that it is in Polanski’s hands to return to the country to end the ordeal. Judge Gordon commended her for speaking out and said he would take the appeal under consideration.Geimer was five years younger than the age of consent when Polanski, then 43, had sex with her during a photo shoot at actor Jack Nicholson’s house in California.The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, which has fought to have Polanski face justice in the United States, said it would ask the court to deny Braun’s request and any others “in the absence of new facts or a change of circumstance”. A lawyer for Polanski says his sex crime victim will appeal to a judge to end the case against him.Polański fled the United States in February 1978, shortly before being sentenced for unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl.It was unclear late Friday if Judge Gordon was swayed by Geimer’s appearance.