With hugs and praise, Modi and Trump strike rapport

Trump tells Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a meeting with top aides that it “always makes us feel very good” when other countries purchase American-made equipment. U.S. President Donald Trump should have been ready f.”In order to attain our objectives for peace and stability in Afghanistan, we will maintain close consultation and communication with the United States to enhance coordination between our two nations”, the prime minister said. U.S. President Donald Trump s.Prime Minister Modi, prior to this, sat down for delegation-level talks with Trump in the Cabinet Room at the White House.After the ModiMeetsTrump hashtag took the internet by a storm, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the Netherlands is keeping people on social media busy now. The trio met at the White House then dined inside together. -Indian relations since Trump took office on January 20 add gravity to the meeting.And when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s sedan pulled into the West Wing in February, Mr Trump greeted Mr Abe with a hug, a display of public affection rarely seen among leaders in Japan.Sometimes, a bear hug is just a bear hug. So I said, you know what, this is a better day. “He may have been trying to maintain the bromance that he had with Obama”.While the Trump administration hopes to “deepen” its relationship with India, the official added that they are “also interested in continuing our cooperation with Pakistan” and are “concerned about tensions between Indian and Pakistan”.Trump said he was keen on creating jobs in both countries. “But he has gone out of his way to reach out to India”.An analyst from India’s NDTV said it was certainly good news for India. U.S.is seeking stronger Indian protection of intellectual property rights, reductions in tariffs and narrowing of the $30 billion trade deficit. “In the 70 years of the country’s existence, no Indian Prime Minister has ever visited and this is further expression of the state of Israel’s military, economic and diplomatic strength”, Netanyahu stressed. But allegations of intolerance against Muslims and foreign-funded activists have dogged his Hindu nationalist party and government, which has been criticized for not speaking out against deadly attacks.Earlier, in their joint press statement, Trump stressed on eliminating and destroying radical Islamic terrorism and emphasised on how both nations – the US and India – are deeply affected by the malaise of terrorism.Hu also pointed out that trade relations between U.S. and India was never balanced. “At least President Trump did not do anything very unpredictable or seemingly unpalatable to the Indian side, though one doesn’t know what subsequently would emerge”.The designation of Syed Salahuddin as a global terrorist marks a diplomatic victory for India, which has been battling a decades-long insurgency by separatist groups in Kashmir.China has defended its “all-weather ally” Pakistan earlier as well.Climate change could be a contentious issue. In their joint statement, they said destroying radical Islamic terrorism is one of the main goals of their countries’ strategic partnership.In a late night statement, the White House said completion of these sales would increase bilateral defense trade to almost $19 billion, supporting thousands of United States jobs.Commentators had predicted that Trump and Modi would find much in common, with both men having won power by portraying themselves as establishment outsiders.Trump said he would like a trading relationship that is “fair and reciprocal”.