WWE 2K18 Cover Star Revealed

“It’s cool and not just exciting for me but our entire locker room”.Perhaps that attention to a distinct multimedia presence is what led WWE to announce the new WWE 2K18 cover star on ESPN rather than through its own official channels. The second move: make his WWE main roster debut at Survivor Series® later that year, align with WWE Superstars Roman Reigns™ and Dean Ambrose™ to form The Shield™ and rally against authority.Rollins will become one of the more recent cover stars that is actually a full-time star.An article that ESPN posted about the cover reveal noted that the commercial for the game has Rollins in an abandoned warehouse with the memorabilia of past wrestlers.It will be interesting to see what Rollins’ cover appearance means for WWE 2K18’s gameplay as well, as past iterations of the series have seen a story mode dedicated to the cover athlete that tells a story unique to their WWE experiences.Rollins is in hallowed company as the face of 2K’s new game, rubbing shoulders with luminaries such as Goldberg, Steve Austin, The Rock, and John Cena.And it could be that the hashtag is promoting the forthcoming WWE 2K18 video game, in which The Undertaker will feature. Raw and all the WWE video games, and I had to do my best to create what I would look like as a grown adult.”I like sports games”. Players who pre-order the game will get access to special bonus content, though this has yet to be officially revealed. When I play Madden, I play at a very high level so it’s competitive.