11 mosquito samples test positive for West Nile virus in Mecca

Even if you do contract West Nile, there is no need to panic.For more information on mosquito-borne illnesses, visit the MSDH website at HealthyMS/westnile.Mosquitos lay their eggs in stagnant water, and will use bird baths, buckets, or other containers that hold water as their breeding sites.Larvicide operations have been ongoing, but hot temperatures have resulted in a spike in population of the species of mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus, Burnett said.”There have been no confirmed transmissions of West Nile virus to humans here in Beaufort County or SC this year”, said R. Taylor Lee, Low Country Regional Health Director. People who think they may have West Nile virus should see a healthcare provider. In rare but severe cases, symptoms can include high fever, neck pain, severe headache, a rash on the torso and disorientation, which may be signs of encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), according to the news release. The Centers for Disease Control recommend products with the active ingredients DEET, Picaridin, IR3535 or oil-of-lemon eucalyptus as being safe and effective against mosquitoes that can transmit disease when used according to the labels. “We urge residents to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves in the early morning and evening hours, to prevent bites that could infect them with a serious illness”.But as always, you should avoid peak times, wear bug spray, as well as tip over any standing water. Most people with this type of West Nile virus disease recover completely, but fatigue and weakness can last for weeks or months.Install or fix screens on windows and doors to keep mosquitoes out of the home.Eliminate all sources of standing water on your property, including flowerpots, gutters, buckets, pool covers, birdbaths, old vehicle tires, rain gutters and pet bowls.