China condemns North Korea ICBM missile launch,urges restraint

US President Donald Trump condemned the test of a second ICBM as a threat to the world, and in a statement described it as only the latest reckless and unsafe action by Pyongyang. Experts said the weapon was capable of hitting Los Angeles and other U.S. cities.China said it opposed North Korea’s “launch activities that run counter to Security Council resolutions and the common wishes of the global community”, according to Reuters.In response, North Korea threatened a nuclear strike on the US or any other country that tries to remove Kim. While the Pentagon has long planned for the possibility of conflict with North Korea, the blunt language in the statement marked a departure from previous public reactions to missile tests.The missile travelled about 1,000 kilometres before splashing down into the sea, said Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis in a statement.Russian Federation has teamed up with North Korea’s main backer China to push an initiative that would see North Korea halt missile tests in return for the USA ending military drills in the region.Following a meeting of South Korea’s National Security Council, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said he wanted the U.N. Security Council to discuss new and stronger sanctions against the North, the presidential Blue House said. North Korea’s accelerated drive towards a credible nuclear strike capability poses a thorny policy challenge for Trump, who is at loggerheads with Beijing over how to handle Kim Jong-Un’s regime.The missile was launched from North Korea’s Jangang province at 11.40pm local time (2.40pm GMT) and flew for 45 minutes, before landing off the country’s east coast.The test Friday is the latest step in the North’s quest to develop a missile program capable of striking the U.S.”The latest test proved our intercontinental ballistic rocket’s reliability and a capacity to launch it in a surprised manner at any place and time”, the report showed.The last missile launch test out of Pyongyang was just earlier this month, on July 4. It isn’t known how heavy a warhead the missile was carrying either, and that could significantly affect the weapon’s range as well.