Essex mosquito pool tests positive for West Nile Virus

A dead crow found in Three Lakes June 26 has tested positive for West Nile virus.For more information on West Nile Virus, please visit the Health Unit’s WNV page.As some states are managing their first human cases, states such as MA, have just recently reported their first West Nile-positive mosquitoes, prompting calls from state health officials for residents to mosquito proof their homes and protect animals such as horses, as they, too, can fall ill with West Nile virus.There may be good reason to invest in bug spray this year: the Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced last Friday that the West Nile virus has been detected in mosquitoes in Massachusetts for the first time this season. Not all counties and municipalities test mosquitoes, so it’s important for all Coloradans to take preventative steps throughout the summer. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.”When the virus is present, people are at risk”, Jennifer House, DVM, MPH, a Colorado public health veterinarian, said in a recent statement. “Use an effective insect repellent, wear protective clothing or stay indoors when mosquitoes are active, and mosquito-proof your home”. Less than one percent of people infected with the virus get seriously ill with symptoms that include high fever, muscle weakness, stiff neck, disorientation, mental confusion, tremors, confusion, paralysis, and coma. Repellents containing DEET, picaridin, IR3535, and some oil of lemon eucalyptus and para-menthane-diol products provide the best protection. Older adults and those with compromised immune systems are at greater risk of developing central nervous system illness that can be fatal. Empty water from tires, cans, flowerpots, clogged gutters, rain barrels, birdbaths, toys and puddles.No human cases of West Nile Virus have been identified in Windsor-Essex so far this year.Eighty percent of people who are infected with West Nile virus do not get sick.