Florida confirms first sexually transmitted Zika case of 2017

The infected person did not travel, but has a partner who recently visited Cuba. Another 22 cases involve people who were exposed to Zika in 2016 and tested in 2017, with the nature of the exposures listed as “undetermined”.”The department notified mosquito control and appropriate mosquito reduction activities are taking place”, the health department said in a news release.The department also warns that Zika can be transmitted sexually and to take precautions if you or your partner traveled to an area where Zika is active recently.One hundred eighteen cases of Zika have been reported in Florida in 2017, according to the Florida Department of health.Zika, linked to birth defects in women infected while pregnant, can be transmitted through mosquitoes or sexual contact. The state does not have any areas where ongoing transmission of the virus is occurring, according to the Department of Health.In 2016, hundreds of cases of Zika were reported in the United States causing a stir for doctors and pregnant women. Mosquitoes can breed in as little as one teaspoon of water so it is critical to drain all sources of standing water to keep mosquitoes from multiplying.The Florida Department of Health made the announcement Tuesday.