Hong Kong’s first female leader a ’tilted bridge’ over troubled water

Security officers were taking no chances as they offered invitation-only guests a rare glimpse of barracks life at the Shek Kong base in a lush corner of the New Territories that sits in the shadow of Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s highest mountain. “The UK has no sovereignty, no power to rule and no power to supervise Hong Kong”.”We should have full confidence in ourselves, in Hong Kong and in our country”, the president said, calling for persistent and unrelenting efforts to achieve even greater success in the practice of “one country, two systems” in Hong Kong.Her attempt to push through a planned Palace Museum in Hong Kong, showing artefacts from the museum in Beijing’s Forbidden City, was criticised for being presented as a done deal without public consultation, highlighting what some describe as her “autocratic” style, according to a source who knows her.The U.S. State Department also said Thursday that the USA “remains concerned about any infringement of civil liberties in Hong Kong”, and expressed support for the “further development of Hong Kong’s democratic systems”. “We hope the relevant people can be aware of the reality”, Lu said.Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday praised Hong Kong’s return under Chinese rule as an end of an era of humiliation, in a televised speech marking the anniversary of its handover by the United Kingdom.In many major Hong Kong newspapers, coverage of protests was eclipsed by exhaustive accounts of Xi’s itinerary and quotes from him, at a time when the media stands accused of succumbing to pressure from Beijing. His three-day visit aimed at stirring Chinese patriotism had prompted a massive police presence and also included a visit to the People’s Liberation Army garrison, which usually maintains a low profile in the territory.Lam and her cabinet swore to serve China and Hong Kong as well as uphold the semiautonomous city’s Basic Law.They were swiftly stopped by police and Chinese-flag-waving counter-protesters, with the action ending about an hour later.Protesters fear Beijing’s ruling Communist Party is increasing its control over Hong Kong’s political and civil affairs, undermining a pledge to allow it to retain its own legal and other institutions for 50 years.Those include the abductions of five Hong Kong booksellers to the mainland starting in late 2015 for selling gossipy titles about elite Chinese politics to Chinese readers.Ng, who is chairman of the League of Social Democrats, was one of the protesters taken by police this morning.Addressing the dinner held in honor of him Friday, the president called on Hong Kong to leverage its institutional advantage of “one country, two systems” to create new growth drivers and new space for development.Animosity towards Beijing has grown in recent years, particularly among young people.The pro-Beijing camp also has protests planned.