More Photos Of Jeremy Meeks And Chloe Green Surface

“What an idiot leaving a woman who held you down for eight years despite everything she’s even given you a handsome child just for you to throw it all away for a bit of fame by going off with a billionaire daughter for more publicity”, another commented. “We appreciate all the love and the hate”, reported Us Magazine.The images show Meeks and Chloe snuggled up together as the pair prepared to hop aboard a $145k-a-week yacht in Bodrum, Turkey.She still states on her Instagram page she is “wife to Jeremy Meeks”.Then, as of Sunday, she posted what the Daily Mail called a “sultry selfie” and perhaps evidence that she isn’t sitting around sulking during her #birthdaymonth.’Quite what Chloe’s dad and Jeremy’s wife will make of their fling is another matter, ‘ they added. “He’s seen as one of the sexiest guys on the celebrity social circuit and has a story or two to tell about his colourful past”. She reportedly met Meeks at Cannes in May.Meeks first garnered global attention when he was arrested on gang-related charges and his mug shot made its way to the internet in 2014.He was tagged as the “hottest felon” and since his release, Meeks has made quite some news in the fashion industry.Green is the daughter of Sir Philip Green of Arcadia fashion group, which includes Topshop.Despite his convictions (he was previously imprisoned for grand theft of a person in 2002), Meeks has since cleaned up his act and is embracing fame as he was given a lucrative modelling contract after his mugshot went viral in 2014.”And the award for the biggest scumbag of the earth goes to Jeremy”, one person wrote. Dressed in a black t-shirt and blue ripped jeans, the 33-year-old carried a motorcycle jacket and accessorised with a few funky chains.