Trump approves sale of drones to India

Apart from official meetings with Trump and his cabinet colleagues, Modi will be meeting some prominent American CEOs.Modi is the first Indian prime minister in Portugal for a bilateral visit.During his address, Modi briefly talked about his government’s economic programmes and India’s space triumphs, including the launch of 30 satellites at one go yesterday. His date with Trump is set for Monday.A huge billboard declaring “Welcome to Trump Village” in Hindi and English, accompanied with a beaming portrait of the US president, was unveiled in the tiny hamlet officially known as Marora, in the largely agriculture northern state of Haryana. IPISH is a unique startup portal initiated by Startup India and supported by Commerce & Industry Ministry and Startup Portugal to create a mutually supportive entrepreneurial partnership. “We cooperate with Pakistan on security, defence and counterterrorism issues”.A congressional staffer familiar with the matter also confirmed the approval by the Trump administration. Trump talks tough on terror and the United States administration has had expressed its unhappiness with the Pakistani government’s approach to terror groups.”We are certainly eager to deepen the strategic partnership with India but we are also interested in continuing our co-operation with Pakistan”, the official said.”There is a huge enthusiasm among Indian Americans”, said Adapa Prasad, a top leader of the Overseas Friends of BJP USA, who is playing a key role in organizing events to welcome the prime minister. India’s regulatory system, which has efficiently delivered a pipeline of affordable and adapted generic medicines such as those used in the treatment of HIV, hepatitis C, TB and cancer, is also now under the lens of U.S. government.The US government at present uses a lottery system to award 65,000 visas every year and randomly distributes another 20,000 to graduate student workers, according to earlier Reuters report. Given the US President’s views on the community, it’s unlikely that any other Muslim-dominated village anywhere in the world will be named after him. Officials on both sides characterize the two leaders as being business-centric and publicly-engaged, given that they are the two most followed world leaders on social media (Trump with 32.7 million followers on Twitter and Modi with 30.9 million followers).Of course, a central topic in the coming talks in Washington is likely to be another issue invoking disparate assessments of benefit that has shifted significantly under the Donald Trump administration: the future of the H1B visa program. It also said that Narendra Modi is not that much of a reformer as much as he claims to be.”This is an ongoing process, and we will continue to do it, as long as we continue to find skilled people”.Costa, 55, is of Indian-origin and his election in 2015 as Prime Minister has opened avenues for energising bilateral relations between the two nations. And a host of developments are pushing India and USA even closer together. “It’s wrong to say the administration is ignoring India”.