Veterans take advantage of free dental care

On Saturday, almost 450 Aspen Dental practices opened their doors to provide free dental care for thousands of veterans across the nation.Coordinators say they do it to help millions of vets who don’t have health insurance.”I just had four teeth extracted and a partial made, and everything went fine, the people here are very friendly, very professional”, said Tom Sutter, Navy Veteran from Dubuque.”It makes me feel great and I know everyone else here feels the same way and my colleagues across the country that are participating”.Aspen Dental employees in the Heartland were part of the Aspen Dental’s Healthy Mouth Movement which includes locations in Marion, IL and Paducah, KY.U.S. Army veteran Alfred Eugene Venham said, “It means the world, it’s like hitting the lottery it’s fantastic it’s truly unbelievable that there’s somebody local that cares enough for our veterans who’ve went thousands of miles away from their homeland to fight to come back and get this taken care of”.It’s the companies Fourth Annual Day of Service.