Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” Becomes Most-Watched Video on Youtube

Now, the school has another claim to fame: The two most-viewed YouTube videos of all time are music videos for songs by former students. It became the first YouTube video to reach one billion views, and now has over 2.89 billion views on YouTube as of July 13 KST. People from YouTube, in a statement said that Psy’s uncanny dance number stayed at the top spot for five years, replacing Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ in November 2012. “See You Again” intersperses scenes from the film with Wiz Khalifa rapping and Charlie Puth singing as they overlook a sandy coast.Now, according to CNN, on 11 July, the YouTube video of the song reached 2.9 billion views and became the most viewed YouTube video ever.Puth reacted to the news on Twitter, saying that he never imagined a video he helped make would reach such heights. As of early Tuesday US time, “Gangnam Style” had 2.895 billion views on YouTube, a notch under “See You Again”, which was featured in the 2015 action movie “Furious 7″.Wiz Khalifa has just broken a record that many thought could not be broken. This is a pretty incredible feat considering the previously most viewed clip was Psy’s K-Pop mega smash hit “Gangnam Style”.