'Avengers 4' Cast May Add Yakuza as Villains to Black Widow and Spider-Man

'Avengers 4' Cast May Add Yakuza as Villains to Black Widow and Spider-Man

With Avengers: Infinity War now in motion, the spotlight is now being shed on its still-untitled sequel. Recent reports reveal that Avengers 4 is now looking into some additions to their cast. As it turns out, the film is eyeing some extras that fit the bill for Japanese gangsters and Japanese cafe patrons. Such details may give some insights on what the film has in store for fans.

Avengers 4 Looking For Japanese Extras

Reportedly, the Avengers sequel recently put up a casting call for Japanese folks, particularly those who show the image of “gangsters” and “cafe patrons.” This leads some to believe that the upcoming film may feature the Yakuza in the story. Furthermore, it also adds to speculations of the film having an Asian location somewhere down the road.

Ultimately, this alleged casting call makes room for potential antagonists in Avengers 4. In particular, it may put the Yakuza against the likes of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland). As some fans may know, both aforementioned characters previously encountered the Yakuza at some point in time. With this into account, there are now speculations that such clashes may be translated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Whether or not this will indeed be the case is still unknown. However, the fact that such a development may include Johansson’s Black Widow is something noteworthy. The fate of the character in the MCU after the Infinity War saga remains up in the air, after all. This is especially after Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, revealed that Infinity War and its sequel would mark the end of the road for some MCU stars.

With regard to such, only Robert Downey Jr. — who portrays Tony Stark/Iron Man — has addressed such a notion. As the actor shares, he wants to retire from his role “before it’s embarrassing.” Besides Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth — who play Steve Rogers/Captain America and Thor, respectively — are also at the end of their respective MCU contracts. As such, they too might exit the MCU after Avengers 4.

Stan Lee in Avengers: Infinity War

In other MCU news, Stan Lee was recently spotted on the set of Infinity War. A leaked image on set shows Lee surrounded by the cast and crew of the film. This includes the Russo brothers (a.k.a. the movie’s directors), Holland, Downey Jr., and Benedict Cumberbatch. Some speculate that this may be a foreshadowing of Lee’s cameo in the film. He is known for making cameo appearances in Marvel films, after all.

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