Chris Pine is Alive in 'Wonder Woman 2'

Chris Pine is Alive in 'Wonder Woman 2'

Wonder Woman 2 has its work cut out following the box-office success of the inaugural offering. Gal Gadot will be back though it would initially hint at Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) no longer in the mix.

The thing here is that the mode of thinking is that Wonder Woman 2 would pick up from the final scenes of the flashbacks with the fate of Trevor rendering different scenarios. One angle includes seeing him survive from that explosion (ejecting at the last minute?) or backtracking to some scenes not shown on Wonder Woman part 1.

The only thing certain is that Wonder Woman 2 will reportedly be another historical adventure. The princess of Amazons will go up against the Soviet Union forces during the closing days of the Cold War, reportedly with Trevor by Diana’s side, Screen Rant reported. So the twist props up from there.

Will Wonder Woman 2 see Trevor escape tragedy?

As previously mentioned, the logic behind Trevor surviving is ejecting at the last minute. If not, there is always the angle of him surviving the crash and landing in some strange place before he gets back on his feet.

While that could spoil the sacrifice angle made by Trevor, it makes a bit of sense considering Wonder Woman still needs guidance when it comes to making the right decisions. Diana may have learned a lot from that sequence but future adversaries may render new risks and threats.

Would it be a rewind instead?

If not, there is a possibility that Wonder Woman 2 could offer scenes that were not shown on Wonder Woman 1. Though a long shot, the task of doing so falls at the hands of the people behind the film. If director Patty Jenkins returns to tandem with DC Entertainment president and script writer Geoff Johns, the challenge would be to factor in how Trevor (miraculously) survives, the Wrap reported.

The only thing worth noting here is that Wonder Woman 2 is in development and that it will be set in the 1980s. Pine is still on board so most will be doing their own speculations on how Trevor will re-emerge.

For now, most are focused on the Justice League part 1 movie set to come out in November. Breadcrumbs on what lies ahead for Diana may be teased, meaning DC fans will need to pay close attention. There could be flashbacks or hints on Trevor’s fate, little ones that could set the tone for Wonder Woman 2.