'Frozen 2' New Songs and Spoilers Revealed at D23 2017

'Frozen 2' New Songs and Spoilers Revealed at D23 2017

Frozen 2 is not due until 2019 and Disney fans hoping for some updates have come up technically dry. However, Disney’s D23 panel may have kicked off minor details on the sequel which expected to offer new adventures and songs.

There were plenty of revelations at D23, upcoming films Disney fans should brace for. Aside from a slight tease on Frozen 2, other notable films include Mary Poppins Returns, a Wreck-it Ralph sequel, Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2, Variety reports.

Frozen 2 for now

As far as the official title of the Frozen sequel, the one right now will simply be Frozen 2. This is subject to change and the only thing certain is that it will not be the called. The list of suggested titles includes “Thawed,” “Frozen Solid,” “Frozen: Seize the Day,” or “Frozen Assets.”

A lot may depend on what the filmmakers are able to come up with. To help them out, they went to Norway, Iceland and Finland and got plenty of inspiration. Video shots of their adventures were shared with the crowd on hand and included panoramas, glaciers and waterfalls among others, Slash Film reported.

Seeing how Frozen 2 will keep most in waiting, the good news is that a short film featuring Olaf will be shown later this year. Titled Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, these could be some hints at things to come for the sequel as most await official word.

New songs to keep Frozen fans on their feet

Olaf’s Frozen Adventures was presented by voice actor Josh Gad through a live onstage performance. It shows how Olaf goes door-to-door trying to learn the different Christmas traditions, somehow raising the Yuletide spirit (in July).

Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson will reportedly perform new songs for the film. This should amply back up the storyline which will see Anna and Elsa discovering they don’t have any holiday traditions. Could the sequel pick up from this?

Other than that, the best that Frozen 2 fans can look forward to would be Olaf’s Frozen Adventures – at least for now. Leads on what to expect have been kept under wraps though most of the people behind the first one are returning for another round of chilling adventures.

That would include Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee returning to direct alongside voice actors Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, and Josh Gad. With Frozen 2 set to debut on Nov. 27, 2019, updates should slowly crop up, both factual and speculated in the coming months.