5SOS Fans Winning Against Kesha in Billboard's Fan Army Face-Off

5SOS Fans Winning Against Kesha in Billboard's Fan Army Face-Off

The annual Fan Army Face Off of Billboard kicked off this week, with Kesha’s followers and 5SOS fans getting a head to head. Apparently, the band’s enthusiasts are currently leading the match with more than three hundred thousand votes.

5 Seconds of Summer is known to have the craziest fandom in the music industry. With only a few years under their belt, the pop rockers first started rallying fans on YouTube. They gained more traction with their albums and received the support of One Direction, joining their Take Me Home Tour in 2013 and Where We Are Tour in 2014. Since that time, 5SOS fans have brought the Australian heartthrobs to worldwide stardom.

5SOS Fans Winning Against Kesha’s Animals!

Currently, Billboard’s Fan Army Face Off is already getting heated with the fiery matches across the category. The round of 64 includes Kesha’s loyal “Animals” tribe up against the Aussies’ devoted “5SOS FAM” in the Orange region of the bracket. Though the majestic songstress’ fandom is a warrior, the band’s followers’ unity brought a couple thousand more votes in the first round.

The band’s fandom is leading with 363,191 votes while Kesha’s “Animals” is close behind with 332,643 votes. If the latter wants to claw their way to the top, or if 5SOS fans want to hold their leading spot, the armies will have to vote here before the round commences on Wednesday, July 26.

5SOS Fan Details While They Call Themselves as Family

Meanwhile, a member of 5SOS fans wrote a lengthy essay about the band and the fandom. The writer stated that followers of 5 Seconds of Summer don’t have a name unlike the other groups, such as Kesha’s “Animals” and Rihanna’s “Navy.” Instead, they call themselves “5SOS Fam,” and true to the name, they are like a family.

The fan went on to note that there “is such a strong sense of community within” their fandom, as people from all over the world come together to share their love for the Aussie band. Moreover, the enthusiast quipped, “The 5SOS Fam is known to be incredibly passionate and proactive. If there’s an award that the boys are nominated for, we will all spend our time voting, and in most cases, we will end up winning due to our determination and compassion for the boys.”

The music lover also added that they “enjoy a bit of banter and love to mess with the band.” But in the end, they always express their adoration for 5 Seconds of Summer – be it on social media or in person. Hopefully, 5SOS fans will claim the victory in Billboard’s Fan Army Face Off 2017!