Eminem New Album Almost Done! Rap God to Release New Track Soon

Eminem New Album Almost Done! Rap God to Release New Track Soon

The Detroit rapper has been silent since releasing a solo record in 2013, but now it looks like he will be dropping an Eminem new album this year. The Defiant Ones director Allen Hughes and rapper 2 Chainz have done recent interviews that pretty much confirm Shady is working on his ninth studio project.

Eminem has not said much about the upcoming record since first confirming last October that there is one on the way. It can be recalled that Marshall Mathers LP 2 hit the music rack in 2013 and his latest diss track, Campaign Speech, landed last year. Most recently, he appeared on his fellow Detroit native Big Sean’s I Decided.

Dr. Dre to Produce Track for Eminem New Album!

Besides tag-teaming with other legendary rappers, Mathers has remained relatively mum on the music issue. Now, it appears hip-hop enthusiasts have a glimmer of hope regarding an Eminem new album – courtesy of director Hughes. In an interview, the filmmaker spilled the beans about the upcoming record when asked about Dr. Dre’s endeavor from being a hip-hop savant to a savvy businessman.

Hughes said, “Dre still records. People don’t know this: Dre records every day. Literally, he’s in there recording songs every day. He’s like Picasso in that way. He’s always painting. Right now he’s producing, in the 11th hour, a track for Eminem’s latest album. So Dre’s still real active in music, you know?” His statement seems to suggest that the new record is imminent and under deadline.

Since the festival headliner confirmations, everyone has been speculating that Mathers could be preparing to drop his new material this summer. Over the weekend, 2 Chainz added more fuel to the fire following his interview with DJ Drama on Shade 45. According to the rapper, he and Eminem recorded a single together after a phone call was made by D-12 associate Denaun Porter.

2 Chainz Confirmed He Recorded a Track with Eminem

Initially, 2 Chainz did not like the idea since he thought they just wanted him to redo a hook and make some ad-libs. He explained, “I’ve heard it all, you know what I’m saying. It’s like, you see a rapper in the club and you’re like, ‘Let’s do one.’ It’s cap, you know what I mean? So you know, he’s like, ‘The boy wanna do something with you.’ And I’m like, ‘Whatever.’ ”

Hungry to prove himself, he met up with Mathers at Rick Rubin’s house. Since the Detroit rapper was willing to offer him a slot, 2 Chainz said, “I tell him straight up…Eminem, what would you need a remix for? Remixes are used to carry records to No.1 spots. When have you ever did a remix for someone or for yourself? That’s cap at it’s finest.” He eventually upgraded himself through having a significant part in the remix, and beyond that, a credit as the official featured hip-hop artist.

Watch the full interview below.