Eminem New Album: Rapper May Work with DJ Khaled

Eminem New Album: Rapper May Work with DJ Khaled

The highly anticipated Eminem new album is surely in the works as the rapper himself assured his followers last year that he is already cooking it. While he chooses to remain tight-lipped about the details, many believe that he will collaborate with different hip-hop and pop stars including DJ Khaled, Nicki Minaj, and WestSideGunn.

Eminem New Album May Come Out this August! Here’s Why

Several reports in the past claim that Marshall Mathers will drop his new studio record this year. Some even assert that he might release a track during his live performance at the Reading and Leeds Festival in the United Kingdom this August. Undeniably, everyone is hopeful to listen to his latest songs after his long hiatus in the music industry.

Many hip-hop enthusiasts believe that 2017 will be a great comeback year for the rapper. It could be an opportunity for him to surprise his avid followers around the world with an Eminem new album. Fortunately, this may come true sooner than later as he revealed on his social media accounts that he is indeed working on a set of new tracks under Shady Records.

Though the Detroit pride chooses to remain mum about the details, a bunch of speculations has come out in the world of web. It is previously averred that Mathers will collaborate with a number of artists, including Nicki Minaj and WestSideGunn. These claims emerged after the rap queen divulged she wants to work with Eminem again. Gunn, on the other hand, admitted that he signed under the record company of the legendary rapper.

Eminem May Work With DJ Khaled and Other Artists for His New Album

Recently, reports asserted that DJ Khaled would want to collaborate with the Detroit rapper. He disclosed that he is keen on finding the perfect tune for him and Eminem so they can work together. Though he has already worked with different superstars in the music industry such as Jay Z, Rihanna, and Beyonce, he is still looking forward to teaming up with the Stan hitmaker.

The 41-year-old American rapper and record producer explained, “I never got a chance to work with Eminem and I have tried before but I’m gonna try again.” Khaled went to on to say, “This time, when I try again, I wanna make sure I have the right record. I don’t think he’s telling me no. I think I just gotta come with the right presentation.”

Khaled further added that when he has the right record, he will certainly reach out to the renowned rapper and his team to hopefully discuss a possible collaboration. If things go right, the record label executive may appear in the Eminem new album. Nevertheless, Mathers has yet to confirm whether the DJ will join him in his great comeback in the music industry.