Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin Find New Girlfriends Before 5SOS New Album Release Date

Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin Find New Girlfriends Before 5SOS New Album Release Date

Before the highly anticipated 5SOS new album hits the rack, single pop rockers Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin seem to have found new girlfriends. The duo is back on the market following their much-publicized breakups from Arzaylea and Bryana Holly, respectively. Are the two now ready to mingle?

Love is in the air for the musicians, with Michael Clifford flashing his lady love Crystal Leigh on social media. Now, it seems like he is not the only member who can enjoy the perks of having a girlfriend as his two mates, Hemmings and Irwin, have been seeing some women lately. Though none of them confirm the dating rumors, it is safe to say that the two are really spending their hiatus well while creating the greatest 5SOS new album ever.

Is 5SOS Drummer Ashton Irwin Back in the Dating Pool?

The band’s drummer is definitely using his time well. Fans notice that Irwin hasn’t been active on his social media accounts for two months now, choosing to cherish his personal life before they get back on the stage. Since his last post on May 11, the handsome barely goes out in public.

So, it is surprising to see Irwin sport a new look while having a talk with a mystery woman in Los Angeles. Notably, he appears to be donning his prominent facial hair and looking more “filled out” than before. His dedicated followers are having a difficult time identifying the brunette lady, with some saying that she does not belong in the entertainment industry.

While it is true that his recent sighting may signify that he is back in the dating arena, there are some who assert that he and the woman are just friends and nothing more. Unlike Hemmings, Irwin has remained single for most of his time in the band. He previously dated Bryana Holly, a bikini model from the West Coast. Unfortunately, the two broke up after a year of enjoying each other’s company.

Hemmings Flirts with Ray Before 5SOS New Album Goes Public!

With Irwin’s latest outing with the mystery brunette, Luke Hemmings shocks the world when he mentioned Justin Bieber’s ex-fling on Instagram. The band’s frontman shares a photo of himself hanging out at the Griffith Observatory, with a caption: “Adventure time @sahara_ray.” His post sparks speculations that he could be dating the Australian sexy model following his split from Arzaylea.

On his post, the model responds to Hemmings, writing, “Stop being so perfect.” It appears like the two are flirting in their conversation. In fact, both of them follow each other on Instagram, with the 20-year-old singer having some random appearances on Ray’s Snapchat back in May. Nevertheless, it remains vague whether the two are officially dating or just having a great time together.

Meanwhile, 5 Seconds of Summer will hit the road again for their worldwide tour, which will start in South Korea on Aug. 13. The foursome will then travel to Denmark, Brazil, Peru, and more to grace fans with their 5SOS new album.


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