Tyler The Creator Admits He's Gay? New Album Leaked Online Hints at Coming Out

Tyler The Creator Admits He's Gay? New Album Leaked Online Hints at Coming Out

The Tyler the Creator new album, titled Scum F*ck Flower Boy, was recently revealed complete with the official cover and tracklist. The album was leaked online with it somehow being associated with the gay claims of the 26-year-old rapper.

Among the songs which may align with that include Who Dat Boy featuring A$AP Rocky and 911/Mr. Lonely featuring Frank Ocean. Tyler will also have hits featuring artists such as Kali Uchis, Estelle, Roy Ayers, Lil Wayne, and Jaden Smith, among others. The album is set to officially come out on July 21, Hypebeast reported.

Tyler the Creator new album affirming past jokes?

There are plenty of other tracks to look forward to in the upcoming album, something most believe will be Tyler the Creator’s coming out party. While that remains to be seen, Tyler had already made insinuations in the past that he was gay. The only problem is that most took it more of as a joke than something serious.

He did come out with a rap titled I Been Kissing White Boys Since 2004 and I Ain’t Got Home before. While the message of those hits could back his claims, it seems that most are still aghast on how serious he really is.

The best bet is perhaps a look into the lyrics of the songs for the upcoming album, lines which most will pay close attention to. For most, the title of the new album may already be a hint so the tracks could be the one that affirms his coming out, the Independent reported.

Tyler the Creator new album pitch creating more hype

While most are making their own analysis of Tyler the Creator’s new album, it could also be a ploy to create hype. Joking around in the past may have thrown some people off though all that could be no more than a marketing dish.

Either way, Tyler the Creator will likely care less about what people think for as long as he delivers. Regardless if this is the actual time for him to come out, the fact remains that his raps are something people are most likely to enjoy.

His hits may be controversial in the eyes of many, something that easily backs up gay claims and insinuations. At any rate, folks need not wait long to find out for themselves. Leaks may have spoiled the album, but the real story may be in the hits in the Tyler the Creator new album which officially comes out on July 21.

SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY: 7/21 pic.twitter.com/b6gonFc3o1

— Tyler, The Creator (@tylerthecreator) July 6, 2017