Is Lil Wayne Dying? Has Skin Cancer and 1 Month to Live Says Death Hoax

Is Lil Wayne Dying? Has Skin Cancer and 1 Month to Live Says Death Hoax

Hoaxes are aplenty on the Internet these days and the recent one claims Lil Wayne dying. Fake news is nothing new today though Google and other groups are trying to clamp down using various tactics. It is obvious nothing more than click bait with most encouraged to pay closer attention to the site/ domain.

Setting the records straight, there is no official word from Lil Wayne himself with regards to his health. If there was one, it has not officially come out. But then again, the whole Lil Wayne dying claim is actually an extension since it did come out back in August 2015, Snopes reported.

Lil Wayne dying issue is nothing more than click bait

The reproduced story comes from which announced that Lil Wayne only had one month to live. Knowing how the man also known as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. has his droves of following, other sites have curated it despite the lack of authentication.

The alleged reason is reportedly due to skin cancer, something that is reportedly a result of having 80-percent of his body covered with tattoos. Add his drinking and smoking, scanners have reportedly been thrown off to track cancer cells and hence the unconfirmed claim.

The reason behind the Lil Wayne dying rumors does make a bit of sense though only the celebrity or someone trusted (including a medical practitioner) would be reliable. If the hip hop artist is indeed having problems with his health it will be known in time if ever.

Song may have spurred the hoax

Seeing how the story is an extension from a previous one, the prankster may have gotten inspiration from one of his songs. Lil Wayne has a song titled I Feel Like Dying and such could easily spur ideas to tie it up with that hoax report.

Looking at Lil Wayne right now, he doesn’t show anything wrong health-wise. He recently unveiled four surprise songs which can be found via his YouTube page. The songs include Magnolia, Fireworks, Loyalty and Mula Gang.

As one can see, Lil Wayne is busy and obviously still in high spirits. The thing about hoaxes is that while despicable, it helps build up their popularity. Risky and absurd as it may sound, the attention does work in a positive way. The only problem is that fans will raise a howl to the people behind, particularly because it involves the health of someone as popular as the 34-year-old recording artist.