'Outlander' Season 3 to Have 'Lots of Sex' Between Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe

'Outlander' Season 3 to Have 'Lots of Sex' Between Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe

Fans are surely going to witness “lots of sex” scenes between Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in Outlander Season 3. Considering the epic love story, adventures, and lush costumes present in the Starz hit drama, it is hard to find things to complain about.

With the wonderful story crafted in the TV series and the exceptional talent of the cast, everything seems perfect for viewers. However, one thing the actors remember in Season 2 is the complaint about the lack of sex scenes between Jamie and Claire.

Balfe herself noticed that the show sort of missed the intimate moments because of the political angle of the story. She said, “One that I just kept hearing, from what I saw on my Twitter: ‘Where’s the sex?’”

Balfe Hints a “Lot of Sex” Between Her and Sam Heughan in Outlander Season 3

Everyone knows that Jamie and Claire will reunite in Season 3, but the wait may take a little longer. Book readers believe that there is a certain special moment in the print shop, but Balfe warns it will not be immediate. She explains, “The first couple of episodes they are apart. There will be a reunion, but I really can’t say much about! I think fans will be happy.”

In another interview, the Irish beauty assured that the new installment of the time-travel drama will not have a shortage of steamy sex scenes. She revealed, “Everything that’s going to happen once Jamie and Claire see each other, I think it’s really special.”

Balfe further added, “Maybe fans will have to wait a little bit, but I don’t think the sex is going to be scarce as last season, shall we say?” She reiterated that despite Jamie and Claire’s age, their “love is timeless and who they are inside are timeless…I think old people have good sex too, last I heard!”

Outlander Season 3 is going to be a really different run, overall. However, if fans can make it through all of the plots and reach the point where Claire and Jamie are back in each other’s arm, Balfe says everyone will be rewarded with frequent nudity.

Sam Heughan Admits Outlander Sex Scenes Are “Very Difficult” to Film

While everyone hopes for more sex scenes in the third season, Sam Heughan admitted that filming such acts was definitely not easy. He narrated that although he and Balfe were comfortable with each other, doing the steamy scenes was still tough.

He explained, “Me and Caitriona, we both relish anything that’s quite dramatic, anything where we get to really go at it with each other, really tear chunks out of each other.” The Scotsman further clarified that the reason behind it was the technical aspect of the sex scenes. Amid the difficulty, the onscreen couple still did a great job in portraying their roles.