'Outlander' Season 4 Story Writing Has Started, Premiere in Fall 2018 Predicted

'Outlander' Season 4 Story Writing Has Started, Premiere in Fall 2018 Predicted

Now that the writers of the show are already brainstorming on the scripts for the Outlander Season 4, many wonder when the filming will take place and when it will premiere. Luckily, it is predicted that the fourth installment may hit television screens in fall 2018.

Producer Confirms Outlander Season 4 Brainstorming with the Writers in LA

Executive Matthew B. Roberts, who did a brief question-and-answer session on Twitter, confirmed that they would start with Season 4 as soon as possible. Because of the way the schedules worked out this time, the team went virtually from wrapping the third run in Cape Town to returning to Los Angeles to kick off on the scripts for the fourth season.

Roberts confirmed that he and the rest of the writers are meeting to discuss ways to adapt Diana Gabaldon’s Drums of Autumn to screen. As of now, roughly half of the Outlander Season 4 story has been broken down, but it does not mean the scripts are already written by any means. They just started to plan in a broader sense and think over the ideas on how to pen it down.

Apparently, there is a great deal of work that is happening in a writers’ room, and much of it is more complicated than anyone would know. It is a sign of the team doing a good job with the assigned task. Given that things are quite so early in the writing process at the moment, it is far too early to presume when the fourth season will premiere. At the earliest, it might be launched anytime in fall 2018.

With producers getting a start on pre-production, it looks like everything is set for fall 2018 premiere. Apart from the writers working on the scripts, there are hints why many believe that the fourth run will be out sooner than later. Early signs suggest that the shooting of most of the season will take place in Scotland.

Outlander Season 4 May Launch in Fall 2018! Here’s Why

The team already scouted the places which will serve as the show’s version of the United States. This makes sense given that they can utilize the same crew they have for most of the season. It cannot be denied that moving from one country to another is expensive, which means they are not able to use the people they have trusted in.

It can be recalled that when the Outlander team moved to South Africa to film the sea voyage scenes, they were not able to bring all their crew. Unfortunately, it added another layer of complexity to the production process. This time around, it is speculated that they will shoot most of the scenes in the fourth season around Scotland.

It is a bit too early for the casting as of yet—beyond, of course, Rollo, since it does take time for the dogs to be trained. They may start with the casting when the filming gets a little closer to happening. The team may not want to cast for Outlander Season 4 too early and then have some changes in the production down the road.

Although the producers are still mum about the possible premiere date of the fourth installment, many are looking at the odds that it will be launched in fall 2018 or early 2019. It still depends on the length of the filming process and the start time of the production.


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