Sam Heughan on Stage: Throwback Photo Shows 'Outlander' Star in Hamlet

Sam Heughan on Stage: Throwback Photo Shows 'Outlander' Star in Hamlet

Outlander star Sam Heughan, who graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2003, hopes to inspire the next generation of the country’s acting talent by boosting a grassroots youth network. In fact, a new photo – featuring him in a Hamlet play – received a lot of likes and comments from fans on Twitter.

Sam Heughan on Theatre Stage as Star in Hamlet

With his success from the stage to television screens, the actor doesn’t forget where his passion started. During his question and answer sessions with his Twitter followers, one asked him if he had ever wanted to play Shakespeare. Responding to the query, Heughan admitted: “I have in the past and would love to be back on stage.”

Several fans flocked in together to express their excitement over his post. Citizens Theatre then shared a throwback photo of Heughan and captioned it with: “Here’s the evidence! #AskSam in Hamlet as Guildenstern 2007 at the #Citz in #Glasgow.” Another follower commented, “Great! Thanks for sharing! Would love to see Sam Heughan play Hamlet or Henry V, or any lead Shakespeare character!”

See the post below.Outlander Star Becomes Patron of Youth Theatre Arts Scotland

As a star of the global smash-hit series, Heughan has the acting world at his feet. But far from getting lured in amid the glitz and glam of fame, Heughan is returning to his roots as the patron of Youth Theatre Arts Scotland (YTAS).

Alongside YTAS Chief Executive Officer Kenny McGlash, the actor is looking to inspire Scotland’s youth to get involved in the arts. Before landing his Outlander role as Jamie Fraser, Heughan became a part of various youth theaters in Edinburgh where he was encouraged to apply for drama school.

In an interview, the 37-year-old Scotsman said, “Youth theatre isn’t just about a precocious child that wants to sing and dance in front of people. It’s for everyone; it’s about a community, it’s about being supported by your peer group. You learn skills, not just acting but all other sides, working in the TV, film and theatre industry.”

Not-so-surprisingly, the actor attributed much of his success throughout his career and during his moments at the drama school to his participation in youth theater. He said, “I was fortunate that I was one of the older ones in that particular year so they used me a few times in their main shows, as a sort of glorified extra, so I got to meet a lot of actors and a lot of people I looked up to.”

Recently, Sam Heughan helped in promoting the new Kickstarter fundraising campaign with Youth Theatre Arts Scotland. The campaign definitely reached its goal, and the Jamie Fraser actor said, “As Patron of Youth Theatre Arts Scotland I could not be prouder of what our supporters have achieved. They are amazing!”


Thank you EVERYONE!!!

— Sam Heughan (@SamHeughan) July 11, 2017

.@DaniAllstarr @samheughan Working in Theatre. It's where I got my passion. Magic. #AskOutlander

— Sam Heughan (@SamHeughan) September 26, 2014

Here's the evidence! #AskSam in Hamlet as Guildenstern 2007 at the #Citz in #Glasgow

— Citizens Theatre (@citizenstheatre) July 10, 2017