Sam Heughan Reveals 'Outlander' Season 4 Filming Date

Sam Heughan Reveals 'Outlander' Season 4 Filming Date

Sam Heughan recently held a question and answer session on Twitter as a celebration for his “castiversary,” the day when he was cast in the Starz hit series. When asked about the start of Outlander Season 4 filming, the actor did not hesitate to answer his follower’s question.

Heughan Reveals the Filming Date of Outlander Season 4

There’s a lot to be excited about in the Season 3 premiere of the show this September. While everyone waits for its return to the small screens, Sam Heughan took the chance to tease his fans during the Q&A on social media. He set aside a quick 30 minutes to chat with his fans, though it sure felt like it passed in a flash.

To start with, one of his followers asked about his initial reaction after being hired to play Jamie Fraser along with Caitriona Balfe’s Claire Fraser. The Scot responded, “I was overjoyed and didn’t realize what a wonderful adventure it’d be. So so lucky.” Fortunately, the life-changing role of the actor is definitely something that he will be forever grateful for.

Meanwhile, another fan asked him about the Outlander Season 4 filming date. The actor quipped, “This fall.” Hopefully, his revelation may mean that the fourth installment could premiere on Starz next fall, but there are no guarantees yet.

Sam Heughan Talks About His Latest Film With Kate McKinnon

He offered an array of details about the third installment and his future projects, including his latest endeavor in The Spy Who Dumped Me alongside Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis. Since he and the rest of the Outlander team already wrapped up the Season 3 filming in South Africa, the 37-year-old star is now working on his new movie project.

Fans will have a great chance to see the actor step outside of his Jamie Fraser role into a completely different modern-day character. Although the two roles are quite different from each other, there is still similarity when it comes to stunts. A Twitter follower inquired, “Are there any stunt or action scenes for you in your new project?” The Scotsman then responded, “It’s an action comedy! I love stunts.”

Another fan was curious what was it like working with Kate McKinnon, writing: “Does she keep you lol?” Sam Heughan replied, “She’s SO cool and funny! What a pro!” When asked about the accent the actor is using in the spy film, he jested, “Hungarian.” There’s a lot on the actor’s plate right now as he revealed, “So many projects, in different fields, exciting but hard to keep it up!”


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