'Poldark' Season 3 Aidan Turner Admits Fans Loved Demelza Slapping Ross for His Affair

'Poldark' Season 3 Aidan Turner Admits Fans Loved Demelza Slapping Ross for His Affair

Poldark Season 3 star Aidan Turner has admitted that Demelza slapping Ross for his affair with Elizabeth left fans delighted. The captain faced the wrath of his heartbroken wife after bedding his former sweetheart.

The sensational scenes, which aired in Season 2 last year, showed Ross waking up beside his former lover Elizabeth Chynoweth (Heida Reed) following a night of passion. Recently, Turner said that fans loved how his character received Demelza’s wrath after learning he cheated on her.

Aidan Turner Admits Fans Loved Demelza Slapping Ross for Cheating

The Cornish period drama has continued to run at an exciting pace, with plenty of new characters and surprising twists to keep fans entertained. While there has been a notable lack of nudity from the handsome leading man, his character’s infidelity towards Demelza remains the talk of the town.

In the scene after Ross cheated on Demelza, the captain told her, “What can I say, it was something I cannot explain? You must see I had no choice.” But his explanation did not calm down the wife, causing her to show her violent side.

Talking about the unexpected display of fury, which left viewers surprised, Aidan Turner stated, “It has come up in conversations and although it’s always tongue-in-cheek, they’ll laugh and say: ‘I’m glad Demelza slapped you!’”

Many were glad that Demelza finally expressed her feelings towards her husband’s unfaithfulness. In fact, fans showed support to Tomlinson’s character, commending her for being courageous amid the trials. In Poldark Season 3, however, it seems like she will be slamming Ross with a new affair.

Turner, Tomlinson Reveal Demelza’s New Affair in Poldark Season 3

The third season of Poldark returned last month with an action-filled first episode, providing more drama in a span of an hour. Viewers witnessed a birth, a marriage, and a death – Elizabeth having her son Valentine, Dr. Dwight Enys and Caroline Penvenen finally tying the knot, and John Nettle’s Ray Peneven sadly passing away.

Aside from these scenes, many are looking forward to witnessing the budding romance between Demelza and the dashing Naval Captain Hugh Armitage. Readers already know that the captain’s wife will find delight in the presence of the new character, who apparently flaunted his interest to her.

Eleanor Tomlinson explained in an interview, “Ross falls slightly short of the mark and cuts Demelza out, which just exhausts her and as the series goes on she is constantly feeling left out. When a man in uniform falls for her she loves the attention.”

She went on to tease, “It’s a slow burn that comes from being left behind by her husband. In any relationship, being ignored allows eyes and hearts to wander and there are so many new characters who tug on her heart.”

On the other hand, Turner commented on the new affair of Demelza. He said, “Ross can sense that energy with Demelza and Hugh. He might suspect something is going on. But what grounds does Ross have to complain, if she does have an affair?” Fans should tune in to BBC every Sunday at 9 p.m. to watch what happens to the couple in Poldark Season 3.