'Poldark' Season 3 Eleanor Tomlinson Hints Demelza May Cheat on Aidan Turner's Ross

'Poldark' Season 3 Eleanor Tomlinson Hints Demelza May Cheat on Aidan Turner's Ross

Aidan Turner’s Ross and Eleanor Tomlinson’s Demelza have been going strong since they fell madly in love with each other in the first installment of the series, but Poldark Season 3 may feature the marriage of the two on the rocks. The actress recently revealed that her character had been tempted by a certain Hugh Armitage, a soulful artist and poet, but will she betray Ross?

Fans wonder if the arrival of Hugh could be a threat to the couple’s relationship. With his sight failing him, it remains a question whether he will get a “taste of heaven” from the captain’s wife before going totally blind or if Tomlinson’s role stays loyal to her other half.

Eleanor Tomlinson Talks Demelza and Hugh’s Relationship

In Sunday’s episode finale, viewers witnessed the dashing suitor of Demelza – giving all his attention to Ross’s wife. This week, Tomlinson discussed the possible romance between her character and Hugh, the reason why Demelza may cheat on her husband, and some details about Poldark Season 3.

The 25-year-old flame-haired beauty said, “Demelza loves Ross, but she doesn’t need him to the extent that she once did.” She added, “I think that this relationship with Hugh comes out of someone paying her attention, someone highlighting her worth, while she’s being ignored by Ross.” The flirtation between the two has been heating up since the third run of the show.

The actress further revealed that Demelza felt honored by Hugh’s attention, particularly because the soldier penned a poem for her and set time to sketch her – which Turner’s Ross had never done before. Ross left viewers stunned when he stole a steamy kiss from his childhood lover, Elizabeth.

Will Hugh Get a ‘Taste of Heaven’ Before Going Blind?

But as Ross and Demelza grow further and further apart, poetic Hugh has started trying to win over the heroine’s affections. In last week’s episode, the soldier didn’t hold back his feelings as he boldly declared, “Now I’m going away, I can’t bear the thought of losing you.” In the upcoming scene, the hunk asks the beauty whether she will sleep with him in the heat of the moment.

He proposed, “Shall we grant ourselves each other so I can go into the darkness knowing I have once tasted heaven?” But Tomlinson remains tight-lipped on whether Demelza gives into her passion in the new episode of Poldark Season 3. She claimed that the blossoming romance between Demelza and Hugh is not about getting revenge on Ross for cheating on her with Elizabeth.

Speaking about Demelza and her new suitor’s moments, Tomlinson teased: “It’s very funny, but very sweet.” Everyone should then wait for the next episodes to see whether the heroine finally gave in to temptation and cheated on Ross.


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