Apple Inc. Reportedly Still Working Out iPhone 8 Touch ID Tech

You can tell a lot about a phone from the case created to hold it, and pre-ordering information from the United Kingdom -based online retailer Mobile Fun appears to confirm a number of rumors about the look of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone.One more rumor about the iPhone 8/Edition also seems to be holding up as the release date grows closer: the device’s exceptionally high price. This year, Apple is widely expected to introduce a redesigned flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8, and upgraded versions of current models, likely to be called the iPhone 7S series.It’s good that Samsung has made a decision to produce a new Galaxy Note device and its fans will be glad but it comes with a big risk – close to “do or die” situation. If Apple were to work out the kinks in this technology and release it on this iPhone, it would actually be something they could say they did before the major competition. The first iPhone to include a fingerprint scanner integrated into the home button, known as Touch ID.In the recent past, we have seen a number of rumours about the iPhone 8 series, claiming that the device will feature all-glass body, on-screen fingerprint scanner, dual camera setup, etc. However, it is said that the highly anticipated mobile device, which is believed to be the brand’s representation of its 10 anniversary, may be delayed because of one feature: its Touch ID sensor feature. The report highlights the three different ways in which Apple is contemplating the Touch ID sensor integration. Among them are the following: to integrate touch sensor into the screen, making glass thinner; to drill a tiny hole for an optical or ultrasonic sensor; integrating the display in the “film” sensor using infrared technology. If recent rumors and speculation wind up panning out, you might end up with a glimpse of nearly exactly what Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 8 will look like when it’s unveiled later this summer. The device Arcuri estimates that iPhone shipments by Apple in Q3 of this year will be 44 million and Apple will make up for the shortfall in Q4, with shipments reaching 90 million iPhones.