August eclipse offers rare look at solar corona

Representatives from NASA visited Hawkins Elementary in Hattiesburg to teach kids how properly view the upcoming solar eclipse.If you miss the August 21 eclipse – or get bitten by the eclipse bug – you’ll have to wait seven years to see another one in the continental U.S. The next total solar eclipse will occur on April 8, 2024.The Aug. 21 total solar eclipse is shining a light on Hopkinsville. The last total eclipse over part of the contiguous USA was in 1979. The phenomenon plunges the Earth into darkness and offers a brief look at the sun’s atmosphere, or corona.”The glasses are for everyone, so you can have as many as you want, grab as many as you need for your family and safely view the eclipse”.Across the state, libraries will be hosting eclipse watching parties, science experiments for students, and other educational programs as part of the eclipse experience, Orban said. Unfortunately, the Lehigh Valley is an area which will only see a partial eclipse, in which the Moon covers only a portion of the Sun. With less than 55 days to go before the eclipse, news coverage should increase in the future. That band of total eclipse barely misses IN, falling just south of Evansville IN the southwest corner of the state. The greatest eclipse is around 1:14 p.m. he said and it will be noticeably darker.With a portion of the path of totality in the Gem State, Department of Health and Welfare’s Chris Burgess told me each agency is coming up with their own incident action plan to be able to address their responsibilities – all of which will be compiled for an overall state plan.Total solar eclipses are not uncommon as they happen about once every 18 months somewhere in the world. And during a total eclipse, the temperature drops and the horizon is ringed by the colors of sunset.Looking at a solar eclipse can damage the eyes, so be sure to use safe-viewing techniques or equipment to watch the total eclipse. Total eclipse will take place about 1:25 p.m. Fort Wayne time.People directly in the path of the eclipse are going to see something incredible. “It’s a really cool event, even if we can’t see it as well as other states”.