Essential Phone coming to United Kingdom, followed by Western Europe and Japan

Essential COO Niccolo de Masi sat down with FT for a brief chat and revealed that bit about launch and also threw in some global plans.The Essential Phone will be sold in the United Kingdom, western Europe, and Japan, says a report from the Financial Times.It was during Recode’s annual Code Conference that Rubin discussed how he “wouldn’t be taking reservations if it wasn’t going to ship in 30 days or so”. Essential missed that window for whatever reason, but its ambition to challenge Samsung and Apple is stronger than ever, it seems.The Essential Phone may have missed its soft June launch timeframe, but the company’s COO says we should prepare for imminent arrival in the USA, according to Financial Times. The firm is reportedly holding similar talks across Europe and in Japan.Are you excited for the launch of the Essential Phone? EE is mentioned as a possible partner in a deal that could mirror Essential’s partnership with Sprint in the US.The phone is priced at $699 in the USA, meaning if we translate it directly, the device could set you back anywhere from £650 to £699.Brian Wallace joined Essential in December to head up marketing.Niccolo de Masi says the U.S. launch is “imminent”. While there are fans out there who are disappointed by the slight delay, it looks like the wait will be over soon enough. Earlier this year, the company debuted the Essential Phone, a flagship $700 smartphone with premium-tailored design (the body features a mix of ceramic and titanium) that aims to go head to head with competitors like Apple and Samsung. However, it’s unlikely that the device will have enough market reach to be a threat to the two largest smartphone makers in the world. Essential also announced plans to launch Home, a voice-controlled speaker-like device for smart home devices.