Facebook wants to nudge you into ‘meaningful’ online groups

The social network is facing increasing pressure to address them head on.Some 300 administrators from different parts of the world came together on Thursday, June 22nd in The Revel Fulton Market in Chicago, where Zuckerberg announced all the possibilities at hand now for them on Facebook.While there are already more than 1 billion members of groups on Facebook, Zuckerberg says only 100 million of those users are now in what he calls “meaningful groups”, which are online communities that play somewhat significant roles in the lives of their members.The CEO announced a new mission statement for the social media platform on Thursday at Facebook’s first Community Summit, according to Forbes: “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together”.Facebook has a new mission statement.Facebook groups are ad hoc collections of people united by a single interest; they offer ways to chat and organize events.The CEO did not discuss how this strategy fits into Facebook as a business, though the answer is obvious: more eyeballs means more money from online advertising.Facebook has already been tweaking its algorithms to recommend more groups to users.Zuckerberg has denied that filter bubbles are widespread. He plans to eventually meet people in every state.”I think [it] gives us a good shot within five years or so to get to this goal of connecting a billion people to meaningful communities”, Zuckerberg told CNN.The first is Group Insights, or data that will help admins learn about who is using their groups and how. Users will be able to schedule a post in advance – an announcement that garnered thunderous applause. The company also employs 150 people focused on counter-terrorism. When NPR asked why, a product leader said he did not know and a spokesperson said “we have nothing to share at this time”.”But now we realize that we need to do more too”.Facebook decided to make to take this kind of action after they have been criticized in the past for not making enough effort to monitor the extremist messages. It’s working with fact-checking organizations, hiding spammy links, and using AI to identify fake accounts spreading propaganda. So the Facebook founder wants to bring more meaning to its almost 2 billion users by nudging them into online groups that bring together people with common passions, problems and ambitions.Executives acknowledged many aspects of the new vision haven’t been hammered out.Here are the worlds that are the same in those two sentiments: To, give, people, the, power, to, and, the, world. Twitter felt like the place to get breaking news, and Facebook set its default privacy status to public, denoted by a globe icon.After the terrorist attack from Manchester which ended up with 22 deaths, the British Prime Minister said she doesn’t want extremist ideology to have enough space to grow and this space is provided by the internet and social networks.”None of these things can happen just by one country or group of people deciding to do it”.Despite what the teens say, Facebook is getting bigger and bigger.Zuckerberg tends to phrase things Facebook does in terms of their benefit to humanity, not investors or the company’s bottom line. It is also deploying 7,500 human content moderators to monitor videos as they’re flagged.This is where Groups, the lynchpin in Facebook’s next era, comes in.