Fireworks explode when Chris Wallace confronts top Trump attorney about FBI investigation

Rosenstein is the official who appointed Robert Mueller as a special counsel to take over the FBI investigation. On Sunday, however, a member of his legal team, Jay Sekulow, largely denied that, sparking a tense exchange with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace.However, Comey has not been involved in the investigation since he was sacked last month and the Justice Department named Robert Mueller as a special counsel to head up the Russian Federation investigation which appears to be widening its scope.When President Donald Trump abruptly fired James Comey last month, he wrote in the former FBI Director’s termination letter that he was appreciative of Comey telling him, on three separate occasions, that Trump himself was not under investigation – an assertion Comey confirmed in congressional testimony. Conway on Monday told Fox & Friends that nobody has told Trump that he’s under investigation, and instead, Trump’s tweet last week was a response to “a Washington Post report that included five anonymous sources”.”The president has not been notified by anyone that he’s under investigation”, Jay Sekulow, legal counsel for the president, told CBS’s “Face The Nation” over the weekend. Marco Rubio said, “I have no basis on which to make a decision on what his intent is”, but added that the tweets “in no way” will impede the work of the investigation.Afterward, Sekulow went into a diatribe accusing Wallace of “putting words” in his mouth when he had been “crystal clear that the president is not and has not been under investigation“. That firing created the law that insulates a special prosecutor or special counsel from threats from the White House.”I don’t think it’s for me to say”, Mr. Comey responded.At some point, Mueller may wish to interview Federal Bureau of Investigation senior leadership about their meetings with Comey regarding Trump, though it’s unclear if this has already taken place.”Trump has a compulsion to counterattack and is very pugnacious”, Gingrich said on ABC’s This Week.Comey also told the Senate that he intentionally leaked his contemporaneous memos detailing his conversations with Trump in order to prompt the appointment of a special counsel.But it would deal a political blow to the White House in the battle of perception, since the idea that Trump is not under investigation has been at the centerpiece of his administration’s defense strategy.While Sekulow did brush off all allegations of investigations being carried out into the President’s actions, he did later let slip about an obstruction of justice investigation that may be directed at Trump.Contrary to Donald Trump’s Twitter-rages and baseless accusations that he and his campaign team are the victims of a “witch hunt,” the evidence of potential collusion with Russian Federation is real.Asked on NBC where the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation stands, Sen.