Hackers claim NASA was to announce ‘alien life’

A new video released by an unofficial YouTube channel claiming to be affiliated with the hacktivist collective Anonymous reportedly claims that Nasa is about to announce evidence of alien life.Anonymous, a coat of many colors that anyone can wrap around themselves, has asserted that recent discoveries by orbital observatories and by the Cassini spacecraft have resulted in high-level Congressional hearings that will soon be made public, including revelations about the discovery of alien life. In September 2016, NASA announced a new discovery about Europa, an ice-encrusted moon of Jupiter that may be just like Earth in its features such as warm, liquid, and potentially habitable water.”Taking into account all of the different activities and missions that are specifically searching for evidence of alien life, we are on the verge of making one of the most profound, unprecedented, discoveries in history”, Zurbuchen said. This statement was simply taken out of context but what it is actually aiming at is the progress they have made in the ability to search for alien life forms and not evidence that there is any.To date the Kepler mission has discovered 2,300 confirmed exoplanets.For starters, there’s the Kepler Space Telescope, which was launched in 2009, and scans patches of the sky, looking for the slight dimming of distant stars as evidence of exoplanets orbiting in front of them. It is not possible to verify this until NASA makes an official announcement.The new findings represent an explosion in knowledge about potential havens for alien life on other planets. @NASAKepler data shows us that most stars are home to at least one planet …That’s according to Anonymous – the infamous network of online activists and hackers. It is very loose and decentralized. Dozens of people have been put into jail for their links with the Anonymous cyber attacks.However, it’s important to note that these claims are based on the discoveries made by NASA and there’s no way of knowing if any such discoveries will be made in the future.The group has cited several references from NASA’s recent announcements in their 12-minute video.