Hearthstone’s Official Chinese Website Leaks New Expansion Theme

Hearthstone’s next expansion takes players to the icy continent of Northrend where they battle through creatures and obstacles to reach the Ice Crown Citadel and face the Lich King atop the Frozen Throne. Players will receive a random Death Knight Legendary card as a reward for completing the prologue.A string of assets has since been pulled from its website, however it did showcase the card ‘em up’s nine heroes with accompanying text that (when loosely translated) reads: “Knights of the Frozen Throne”.The image also shows the basic heroes in some kind of undead form. For two mana, this card will deal one damage to all minions on the board and then convert that damage into health for the priest.It’s very unlikely that we’ll see a new class added to Hearthstone, because it would be a monumentally huge balancing act as they tried to fit a new character into the meta while also giving him plenty of cards that make playing the class a unique experience. But on top of that, playing the Deathstalker Rexxar hero card will change the hunter’s hero power to “Build-a-Beast”, an ability with the description “craft a custom Zombeast”.In addition to ~130 cards, the new expansion is also expected to bring back some of the elements of the adventures that the team abandoned past year.As Deathrattle is one of the major themes for Knights of the Frozen Throne, there should be a lot of options available for you to summon. Additional card reveals begin on July 24. Which cards are you most excited to use? Beginning today, players can partake in a special pre-order deal for the expansion, where they can get 50 packs for a special price of $49.99.